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One of our 15 skilled team members can give a dance/yoga/creative workshop in your school. Kids and young people, all between 6 and 18 years old, are playfully induced to get connected with their body and with the problems of street children. We invite pupils to a world full of magic and dance. In this way your school supports the street children of the world.


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"Kleur Bekennen", quality label


‘Kleur Bekennen’ (meaning ‘to have to take sides’, or 'choose a colour') is a Belgian national governmental organisation that gathers all initiatives concerning global citizenship. It informs Flemish schools about all the existing possibilities to organize projects and workshops concerning global education (a broad variety of subjects). These workshop have to meet up to several criteria. For one, they have to get children to start thinking in more critical ways about their own culture as well as the culture of others, and about their own way of living and consuming. Furthermore they have to invite children to start thinking about diversity and understanding it. They have to induce children to start cooperating, to get them to assume responsibility.

Both our team as well as our workshops have been approved by ‘Kleur Bekennen’. This means all our workshops carry their quality label.

When organising  our workshops at your school, there are several ways to get financial aid. All information can be found on www.kleurbekennen.be.




Government : final attainment levels and 'Voet' (Foot)



The final attainment levels, as described in governmental  criteria, demand that children should be placed in powerful environments, providing abundant learning opportunities, thus creating the possibility to take their own learning process into their own hands. A varied and challenging method helps to invite children to work together as well as learn together.

In order to develop a harmonic personality, all levels of the personality’s development need attention. When referring to a broad education, social-emotional aspects need to be broached as well as cognitive and motor related ones. Active learning enables children to have ready access to build up knowledge, acquire competences and form attitudes.

Our world, our life, is build upon the reality that surrounds us. Together with the pluralistic and democratic society - the bigger background for everyone’s personal interests and values, nourished by socio-cultural roots - the reality of here and now is what makes our world.

Education, rooted in that reality, appeals to the combined input of cognitive, motor, affective, social, technical, musical competences. Several goals are pursued and achieved at the same time: communicating, cooperating, making appointments, exploring, to work self-reliantly, to be enterprising, resolving problems, to chose, to make decisions and hence to act accordingly.

Being curious and eager to learn is in all children’s nature. They simply love to explore and develop their talents. Appealing to those characteristics makes WCU-Dance’s approach so valuable. Our renewed way of working invites children to a world they don’t know yet, haven’t experienced yet. We invite them to look for those talents and competences of which they are not yet aware.

Motor competences (= a child’s movement possibilities, basic and specific skills) need to be developed. This means building up the physical basic condition (by means of dance and motional expression and yoga positions) as well as understanding how to develop a healthy and safe way of living. Through movement and motion children learn more about their social functioning – which is to get to know and accept themselves as well as others. They learn to work together, help and support each other.

The final attainment levels for world orientation and social skills match nicely with the motor competences.

The WCU-Dance workshops contribute in every aspect to a child’s positive development.


The seven contexts of Voet are:

Physical health and safety, mental health, socio-relational development, environment and enduring development, political juridical society, socio-economical society and socio-cultural society.


Our workshops add up to the following issues:

  • Improving the physical and mental health (by means of physical expression, dance, yoga, visualisations, creativity and play children make contact with their body and soul).
  • Improving the relation with the environment (nature).
  • Improving the relation with others.
  • Our workshops show children the solidarity with other cultures; they learn children the necessity of respect and living/coexistence with all these cultures... (unity, solidarity).





World-Children-Unity-Dance offers you following workshops :

- 14 workshops for kids between 6-12 years old

- 4 workshops for kids between 12-18 years

- 1 workshop for teachers


All these workshops are mentionned and fully explained on the Dutch version of our website and on the website of Kleur Bekennen ! You can find all information there...(www.kleurbekennen.be) 

We only give you a short view here below.

!! workshops 3, 4, 8 and 14 are those which teachers bring workshops adapted for teens too !

!! watch on the Dutch version of our site for the teacher workshop ! (this information will be translated soon !)


Good to know :


Workshop prices : 85€ /hour (tax free) + kilometer fee 0,30€/km.

Teacher workshops : 240€/hour (tax free) + 0,30€/km


1. Dance & expression : "Avontuurlijke verhalendans", Caroline


2. Dance & expression : "Dans je blij", Els


3. Dance & shakti : "Ontdek je wereld, ontwikkel jezelf", Elisabeth


4. Dance & expression : "De dansende trom en de stokkendans", Gerd


5. Dance & yoga : "Luisterend, voelend lichaam", Karin


6. Dance & expression : "Stampende voeten, vrolijke handen, samen dansen, samen zingen, samen één", Katya


7. Dance & magic : "Gouden cirkel  van verbondenheid", Lies


8. Dance & magic : "Magische dansreis over de regenboog", Maggie


9. Dance & meditation : "Creatieve dans- en bewegingsworkshop", Mozes


10. Dance & expression : "Creatief ontladen en ontspannen", Patrick


11. Dance & yoga : "regenboogreis op de rug van de reuzenschildpad", Laetitia


12. Dance & yoga : "straatkinderen en hun kinderrechten", Liesbeth & Isabelle


13. Dance and yoga : "reis naar de straatkinderen per vliegend tapijt", Gitta


14. Dance and magic : "dans vanuit je hart", Dina




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