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World-Children-Unity-Dance is all about a dream!

A dream of lovingly uniting all children of the world through dance!

Touching children’s hearts, giving them a chance to make contact with their body and soul, and giving them a chance to be who they really are... that’s our main goal.

By combining the “street children” theme with dance, movement, yoga, meditation, visualisation, sounds, stories, creativity and play, we invite children on this exciting trip to their inner world – and thus opening a new world for them.




We want to bring the issue of the many street children to the attention of children in Flanders. Organising a yearly dance contest and many dance workshops for children in schools, seemed to be a nice way of doing this.


Our non-profit organisation is a motor, a catalyst, for many projects regarding street children. We want to offer projects throughout the world a chance to grow and develop. WCU-Dance wants to support and stimulate projects from Belgian zealous people.


We support streetchildren but also children in our own country who got stuck in a dead-end-street. More information about this subject on : What/other streetchildren.


WCU-Dance is a team of passionate people, skilled in dance and all kinds of movement, yoga, creativity, visualisations, sound, stories and play. During our workshops we invite children to make contact with their own body. In this way, interacting with other children – whether in their own environment or in distant parts of the world – seems to become easier and more loving.

This renovating way of working will imperceptibly stimulate the children to think about their way of living and consuming. Thorough and critical thinking about their own privileged situation will help them to pick up their responsibility – however small it may be - for those less fortunate.


Moreover, WCU-Dance likes to promote a more ecological way of living. There’s only one Mother Earth and we have to take care of her, for the sake of tomorrow’s children.  This is an important subject we also pay attention to during our workshops.

... a Native American wise man once said : we are borrowing this planet from our children ...


the dream

on a wonderful summer's day in August

ALL the children in the world are dancing in joy together

there is peace everywhere

we are all children of this beautiful planet




dance... dance... dance...

We see you dance

WCU Dance



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